Norfolk, VA is a wonderful place to live when the weather behaves. One day it’s spring and it seems the next is winter. Getting dressed for the day is often a game of chance, so don’t take risks when it comes to storing your valuables. Trust a climate controlled self storage unit, now available at Colley Self Storage on Colley Avenue, with your sensitive storage needs.

Whether wooden or leather furniture, electronic appliances, musical instruments, artwork, confidential documents, sentimental photographs, or something else entirely, Colley Self Storage has the right equipment at the right price, to keep your valuables valuable!

Summers in Norfolk may be hot, and the winters at the beach may be cold and windy, but at Colley Self Storage our climate controlled storage units stay consistent. By maintaining a steady temperature and working as both humidifier and dehumidifier, our temperature controlled storage units are perfect for storing collectable stamps, coins, comics, and even wine.

With close proximity to Old Dominion University, the ODU campus and village, and Ghent, Colley Self Storage is the convenient solution to your storage problems. Near to Hampton Boulevard, Little Creek Road, and the Norfolk Naval Station, Colley Self Storage is everywhere you need to be.

Our self storage facility allows 24-hour tenant access, ensuring that you can get to your belongings whenever you need to, and you can rest easy knowing that we utilize security cameras for extra protection. We offer a large range of unit size, and have recently made the switch to low-wattage light bulbs with timers, in the interest of making our facilities more environmentally friendly.

There are a variety of storage unit facilities in Norfolk, VA, but only a few which offer temperature controlled units at competitive pricing, security cameras, 24-hour access, and eco-friendly mindset. Make the right choice when it comes to storing your valuables: choose Colley Self Storage for your climate controlled storage unit needs.

We will contact you shortly to make an appointment.

(If you cannot come in, we can also have you sign your lease by email and have you scan and email your ID.)

    Size SQ. FT. Cost Sales!!
    3 x 4 locker 12 $30 6 left!
    4 x 5 20 $35 4 left!
    5 x 5 25 $40 21 left!
    5 x 8 40 $50 Inquire Now
    5 x 10 50 $60 5 left!
    5 x 15,7 x 11 75/77 $80 Inquire Now
    5 x 20 100 $110 Inquire Now
    6 x 10 60 $75 Inquire Now
    6 x 20 120 $120 Inquire Now
     8 x 10  80  $90 2 left!
    8 x 12 96 $95 Inquire Now
    9 x 10,6 x 15 90 $90 1 left!
    9 x 15 135 $125 Inquire Now
    10 x 10 100 $115 1 left!
    10 x 12 120 $120 Inquire Now
    10 x 15 150 $130 1 left!
    10 x 20
    200 $140 Inquire Now
    10 x 30, 20 x 20 3-400 $250+ Inquire Now
    10 x 30, 20 x 20 3-400 $250+ Inquire Now